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Enter your address, price, and home type into the Scout platform to find similar transactions

Compare local agents' experience with similar homes to find the right one for you

Get in-depth agent profiles, schedule calls, or chat with them before deciding which one is right for you

Our dedicated advisors are here to help you

Search from over 2 million agents based on real transactions and our dedicated advisors will help you interview them, for free




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Why should you trust Scout?

From planning to negotiating, our dedicated advisors are there to answer all of your questions, and keep the process running smoothly

Your Dedicated Advisor

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As your single point of contact, we'll hand-select and coordinate with the best local patners for you whenever you need them

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Scout's combination of techology and service creates efficiencies for you, without learning how to use any new software

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We've improved the way that real estate is bought and sold

Who is Scout for?

Find local experts with the skills needed to make your sale a breeze


Work with agents who have the experience and access to save you time and money


Find the best in any location to bring your investment model to the next level


How Scout Works




Tell us about your goals

Scout's real estate advisors consult with you to understand your goals, and timelines

Browse and interview

When you're ready, we'll interview the best local agents that know the market, that you select

Full end-to-end support

We stick with you the entire way, ensuring that you're always in the best hands, even if your needs change

What our clients say

"Their professionalism has been unmatched and they have been a delight to work with. Their insight and knowledge has made the process much easier."

Gregory L., seller in New York

Why limit yourself to the 

"I know someone" model?

Traditional Referrals

The quickest, easiest, and most efficient way to find an agent

With Scout

Searching on your own takes time and is no guarantee

On your own

Choosing the right partner might be the most important decision you make when buying or selling

  • Focused on you
  • Data-driven
  • Objective advice
  • Concierge support
  • On your schedule
  • Limited scope of network
  • Hit or miss 
  • Heavily biased 
  • Awkward intros
  • Complex / overwhelming 
  • Manipulated statistics
  • Self-proclaimed expertise
  • Hard sales tactics
  • Nowhere to turn for advice

Why is Scout the best solution?

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Real estate, re-designed for you

Selling your home can be an intimidating process, but Scout makes it easier. Combining technology, data, and advice, Scout empowers thousands of homeowners to close deals up to 42 days faster with over 9% savings.

Save time and money with Scout 

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